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What is the Feed In Tariffs Scheme?

The Feed in Tariff is a government backed scheme allowing households and businesses to benefit financially from generating their own electricity from renewable or low-carbon sources such as solar photovoltaic (PV).

The scheme gives you the opportunity to be paid for the electricity you generate, which you use yourself, and any surplus electricity which is feed back into the grid. You will even receive a bonus payment if you generate more than you use. The FiT is subject to periodic change in line with government policy. For the latest figures please see:

You can benefit in 3 ways by generating your own electricity:


You will save on your electricity bills, by generating your own electricity you will require less electricity to be drawn from the national grid. Your savings will depend on how much electricity you use from day to day

Generation Tariff

Your energy supplier will pay you for the electricity you generate. Your system must be registered in order to receive the FiT payment. This payment is guaranteed for up to 20 years and is index linked

Export Tariff

For any energy that is exported back to the grid you will receive an extra 4.5p per kilowatt hour from your energy supplier. This is generally estimated at 50% of your total generation

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