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High Efficiency Gas Heating

Gemini are credited installers for Viessmann range of high efficiency Gas Boilers for both domestic and commercial applications. Viessmann products are both well-made and offer exceptional warranties.

Viessmann boilers employ a four pipe system which means that the hot water and central heating can operate completely independently of one another operating at differential temperatures. They are ideal for Under Floor Heating (UFH) applications with radiators on upper floors. When the boiler senses a demand for hot water to the radiators it will send it to them first. It then sends the slightly cooler water through the UFH slab to extract more useable heat from it before returning it to the boiler to be re-heated and circulated again. This produces very high efficiencies especially when linked to a weather compensation unit which can increase efficiency by up to 16% compared to other condensing boilers.

All Viessmann boilers can be integrated with Viessmann Solar Thermal systems and storage cylinders. Combined boilers and cylinders are both space saving and competitively priced.

Gemini offer a full installation and maintenance service for all types of gas appliances. We are Gas Safe registered.

We can lower your energy bills & your carbon footprint, starting today!

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