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Solar Photovoltaics (PV)

What is it?

Solar PV or photovoltaics is the technology used to convert sunlight into electricity (photovoltaic means light electricity). PV modules can be mounted either on your roof or on a ground mount to form an array. Power from the array is then fed to an inverter which converts the power from the array to mains electricity which can either be used to power your home or exported to the grid. The concept of solar PV maybe simple but there are several factors to take into account when considering buying them, such as how much room you have available, how much sunlight the proposed installation location receives (south facing is preferred but east / west installations also work and any shading) and budget.

Why should I install it?

If you would like to reduce your energy bills, carbon footprint, and become more self-sufficient in energy.


Gemini believe in offering you value for money and will only fit good quality tried and tested components: quality is remembered long after price is forgotten. Our systems may cost more upfront compared to some of our competitors but better quality kit produces greater yields and therefore greater returns over time.

Gemini do not give special discounts for generic “one-size-fits-all” PV kits. Every customer’s property and requirements are unique: we will design a bespoke solution for you.

Typical Gemini installations will consist of poly-crystalline PV modules from manufacturers such as Kyocera or Hyundai. These modules are good all round performers in our climate and look good in domestic and commercial situations. Where space is at a premium we will use more efficient modules (greater output from the same surface area) such as Panasonic to maximise yields.

Where more space is available such as in commercial situations you may like to consider CIS thin film modules from Solar Frontier. Although they have efficiencies less than crystalline panels, Solar Frontier Thin Film Modules have a much higher comparative yield, due to their low light level characteristics. This means that 4 kW of Solar Frontier will generate more than 4 kW of crystalline modules. Solar Frontier have been developing their CIGS (copper indium gallium selenide) Thin Film technology since 1978 so it is very much tried and tested. The technology is free of poisonous metals like cadmium and lead, and the energy payback time to compensate the carbon footprint of producing a module is under one year.

If the proposed site of your array will be subject to any shading Gemini recommend the Solar Edge system which can increase yields by up to 25%. In a standard array if one module is subject to shading it will affect the performance of the rest of the modules in that string. With the Solar Edge System each module is fitted with its own Maximum Power Point Tracker so each module will be working to its maximum efficiency. Moreover, power optimizers always maintain a fixed DC string voltage, allowing optimal efficiency of the SolarEdge multi-string inverter, which is tailor made to work with power optimizers. As a result, the Solar Edge system provides more power from any given installation, eliminates design constraints, provides complete module-level and whole-system visibility for monitoring and maintenance alerts, all while reducing the cost of energy.


Inverters are at the heart of a PV system, optimising the output from your PV modules and converting it into mains electricity. Gemini believe that a quality inverter is an essential. Our systems are designed to have a life of 25 years plus: we fit Fronius, SMA and Solar Edge inverters with the confidence that they will operate efficiently for the design life of your system and beyond.

Mounting Systems

When we put a system up we expect it to stay up! Why spoil the ship for a ha’porth of tar? Coming from North Wales we specialise in erecting systems in areas subject to high wind and snow loads. We also specialise in kit designed for proximity to marine environments – you’d be amazed at how quickly standard mounting systems will corrode in salt air. To meet the demands of these environments Gemini favour mounting systems from Mounting Systems GmbH and Unirac.

We are also able to offer a range of solutions for both flat roofs and ground mounts for domestic and commercial customers.

We can lower your energy bills & your carbon footprint, starting today!

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